Buoyant Capital Collective may advise clients in obtaining capital investments to provide:

  • Growth Capital: We support the capital needs for strategic initiatives of companies with strong growth prospects to expand capacity.
  • Acquisition Financing: We will provide equity and arrange debt financing for companies that have compelling acquisition opportunities.
  • Development Financing invests in early stage companies indirectly by investing in a joint venture relationship formed with the developing company. Cross border joint ventures open up new markets for growth therefore we favor these types of transactions.
  • Alternative Public Offering invests in private companies that directly list on the AIM, Deutsche Borse or other cost competitive exchanges.

Company Criteria

Buoyant Capital Collective may recommend investments in companies with market caps from 10 to 50 million Euro, positive growing EBITDA for 3 trailing years, and may arrange for an investment up to $10 million Euro per transaction.  We prefer emerging market growth companies but are industry and geography agnostic.  We evaluate industry prospects, management, and competitive position.  For private companies we may combine our investments with a merger, joint venture, or direct listing on the AIM, Deutsche Borse, or other exchange.

Our basic criteria is an experienced management team, fundamental economics, and business growth prospects.  We manage the closing of investments to be within 60 days as as target assuming cooperation from the company, and all investors, and the transaction team.

We prefer to consider advising investments in national exchanges (not OTCBB) and in sectors that have the potential for rapid grow due the use of technology and scientific advances that own core Intellectual Property.  Our experience is in the high-technology sector so our expectations of growth are optimistic.

Our preferred investment philosophy is to invest, hold the stock if performs well, and sell the stock slowly into the market if it does not.  When a company has exceptional growth it is the source of our best investment returns.  Our belief is that it is impossible to predict which company will be the big winner, although we are very good at quickly evaluating a company’s prospects.

We may issue financing commitments that can be drawn down over time as required by the company’s growth plan. We also invest block amounts upon closing depending upon a company’s economic condition and prospects.

Our structures work best for companies that benefit from:

  • Controlling the capital based on the execution of the strategic plans.
  • The financial strength of a multi-national investor
  • Enhanced international distribution of their products or services
  • A more global presence and market perception
  • Minimizing dilution by taking capital only as needed over time, and presumably at higher share prices as the company executes the business plan and valuation increases
  • Assuring shareholders, stakeholders, and lenders of the availability of financing to complete a planned company milestone

Unlike many Private Equity firms we do not participate in buy out (LBO or MBO) deals or the purchase of distressed assets.  The exception is when a well managed company which is growing through merger and acquisitions seeks capital to support their roll-up strategy.   We do not want to operate the companies or do our investors want to be majority shareholders.   We are independent peer advisors who facilitate strategic qualified investors who provide capital to superior management teams focused on execution and growth.  Our team can manage every aspect of a complex cross border transaction.

Our qualified investors support company growth through the use of Special Private Placements (SPP).

We research the global markets to find opportunities to do a direct equity investment into publicly listed and private companies when appropriate. We look for companies that have a capital funding requirement to expand business growth and sufficient EBITDA to demonstrate excellent management.

We require management teams that execute on long-term sustainable growth opportunities. The company must have the potential to achieve significant milestones over a developmental period for which the company value will grow.

The investment amount is dependent on the company market capitalization. The equity purchase is for a for a non-controlling share position.  When the conditions meet our criteria we can make an investment quickly if appropriate.

Investment Requirement

The company achieves significant milestones during the growth period.

The company determines when to take the capital to support the growth.

The company uses the capital to grow the business and improve the EBITDA.

The capital is used over the growth period.

Investment Procedures

We have likely identified your company as one that may fit our criteria but if we meet at an investor event you may submit your request via the contact us form or call us directly.

If you are a listed company, please include your stock symbol, which exchange you trade on, your market cap and average daily volume.

Include details with respect to how and why you fit our criteria.

Describe how much you need and when you need it.

Include your contact information.

We will arrange a conference call with our peer advisory committee.

Assuming that the investment is of interest we will propose a term sheet and upon agreement the capital can be provided shortly after.