We find, train, and coach the top talent in the world to be winning entrepreneurs, innovate the business model, growth the company, be fearless, and to use their knowledge and lead through force of competencies as a competitive advantage.  Our track record in venture entrepreneurship developed the keen experience needed to attract and retain top talent and coach them to emerge as agent of growth for the start-up company.  Through out peer advisory we make this experience available to our clients.

We match the top talent and the growing companies in specific markets.  Global top talent are seeking companies that will make an impact, grow at an accelerated rate, build to new dramatic heights, but in this complex environment, only a select few will truly be the best fit for the strategic growth direction of your business.  We work closely with our affiliated partners in each market to tap into the talent that is capable of exceptional performance.  Using an executive seek firm is simply not enough, top talent needs to be attracted and that takes an engagement from other top talent how have been there, done that, and can act as mentors and guides for that talent to emerge. In this regard our peer advisory network is an essential component of building, retaining, and pushing to the high performance that is needed to get the results, dramatic growth.  We make a commitment to the growth result not just one part of the operational tactics to assemble the capabilities for growth.

Buoyant Capital Collective peer advisors are available to coach the top talent executives to reinforces successful leaders’ strengths, accelerating meaningful growth results.

Common themes we encounter are:

  • Technical Executives who want to improve the bottom line by developing their people skills
  • CEO who wants to train other leaders on the team to delegate operational excellence
  • Executives who seek to convert business challenges into opportunities
  • Executives who request accountability and responsibility support
  • Integrating an executive team from an acquired company
  • Using technology to improve productivity and speed growth activities

Our coaching model aligns executive development with strategic growth goals and the performance needed to achieve it fast. Within our peer advisory network we have experts in the area of board management which is a critical aspect for any company to chart its growth plans and have everyone align to support what needs to get done.