Buoyant Capital Collective is a global independent peer advisory service.  Our clients benefit from our experience, because every peer advisor has deep expertise that is suited to challenges of growing a venture.  We are executives working with your executive team to solve real business problems in a manner that transfer the knowledge an experience.  Our reach into local market knowledge combined with our ability to execute complex cross border transactions is unusual and provides distinct advantages to the local business who needs to grow into global enterprises rapidly.  Our independent peer advisors know the reality of executing growth, not just operating a company under stable conditions.  We provide a global perspective that recognizes the challenges of a diverse markets; complex global, regional competition; and commercial growth priorities that focus our client needs.

Our peer advisory global network spans many areas of expertise that are necessary for accelerated growth. The particular areas we have expertise in are listed below but it is best to contact us directly with your requirements since each country, company and situation is unique and we specifically address the growth oriented challenges of global companies.

Expertise and Experience:

  • New venture formation, acquisitions, divestitures
  • Leadership development of top talent
  • Performance coaching for growth dynamics
  • Decision scenario simulation for strategic planning
  • Technology and IP management
  • Turnaround execution for under-performing assets
  • Capital funding and restructuring
  • Succession planning for growth
  • Pre/Post-M&A diligence, preparation, integration and assimilation

Common key questions asked by our clients:

  • How does the company create a new venture to diversify the business, what are the options, how does it re-invent itself?
  • Can I increase productivity through technology adoption?
  • How does the company attract the top talent to generate innovation and IP assets?
  • Is harvesting the business assets now the way to realize a return?
  • What is the best way to rapidly grow the business to maximize value while mitigating operational risk?
  • Would an acquisition accelerate market entry?