We develop global entrepreneurship by using the tech venture form of financial investment strategy, talent acquisition, IP innovation, and rapid market expansion, as a reference model.  We re-interpret this model and apply it to each respective country and market sector we invest in.

Our premise is that the U.S. global reach in many industries has impacted the way international business and investment is conducted.  Also, the emergence of the importance of Internet and Communication Technologies as enablers of global business and the financial sector is essential to understand and exploit for any business and investment regardless of size.  The excitement of the growth of the technology sector in the U.S. has influenced other regions of the world to adopt models for industry innovation clusters which are supported by a few of the newest alternative public exchanges. Governments, commercial sectors, and the investment community have converged in fostering innovation in support of economic development through investment in these emerging high growth markets and sectors.

Our belief is that at the core of this global phenomenon are entrepreneurs, people willing to take risk, being inventive, changing the world around them by creating value.   Therefore, our focus is on supporting the global community of entrepreneurs, our peer advisory approach may be unique from that perspective.  The traditional cost of consultative engagements and investment transactions is prohibitively high and so we are using the very technologies that help fuel new economy productivity to deliver the best strategic value for economic development experience we can deliver.  We are Buoyant, focus on a broad notion of capital inclusive of financial, IP, human, market positioning capital, and combine it with a collective of peer advisors who share a common perspective, are highly qualified experts in their respective fields and can service the needs of our companies on a value basis on-demand.

Our plan is to bring this capability to many regions of the world but our initial intentions are to focus on a few specific countries where the modern elements of practices for global entrepreneurship exist in some form. We will adjust our technique, methods, and models for services and capital investing to the needs of each region of the global.

Initially, we are focusing on entrepreneurs and their companies across the entire European continent, in particular countries active cross border trade with the US or a strong desire to promote commercial alliances with US companies.  In the near future we will expand to the Americas, as well as South Asia and are seeking alliances to help us source the deals for every region.  Africa is of particular interest where the conditions are stable and the investment involves an international company that is publicly traded.

Our intention is to expand the peer advisory and investment program to include particular strategies for the needs of developing countries, the frontier markets of the 21st century, and for those who are engaged in social entrepreneurship.  Our hope is that businesses that succeed as a result of our advice and investments will help fund the expansion to support countries where entrepreneurship can make a dramatic difference in the economic life of the populations.