Buoyant Capital is a think tank for growth tactics. We provide facilitated independent peer advisory services for executive management teams who require rapid growth into a global market. We support access to, new markets, new product, dramatic increase in performance, or access to capital. We understand growth, our extensive experience in venture capital backed companies gives us an insight into the characteristics of high-potential companies and the entrepreneurs who manage them. We consider leadership and operational excellence a given and that most companies that reach stable operating consistency have achieved a level of standard practice, but to grow dramatically, beyond this point, requires growth management which is very different than operational management.

What is Buoyant Capital?

  1. Introduction service to an exclusive network of expert independent peer advisors.
  2. New market entry by accessing our global network of business advisors.
  3. Talent acquisition and performance coaching to prepare your team for rapid expansion.
  4. IP, technology, and product management to insure competitiveness in a global market.
  5. Capital funding for qualified companies ready to rapidly expand.
  6. Real-world simulation for effective training and development in establishing breakthrough business model innovation.

Why now?

  1. Operational excellence and organic growth is not enough to compete in the modern global economy.
  2. Corporations have been unable to adapt to the rate of change that new technology brings to productivity improvements.
  3. Urgency to adopt the practices of high-impact entrepreneurship, the kind that have spectacular results, demands nimble, lean, agile, creative problem solving, the top talent to execute, experience to realize the value.
  4. Grow through M&A is not enough, synergies and insight are needed to effectively manage the entire transformational process of integrating new markets, products, and organizations.

We seek growth oriented engagements and capital investments in the global market for nano-cap companies.  We focus on sectors with technical innovation as the driver for new value creation and productivity enhancements.  Our market research identifies the candidate companies which we will contact to establish a relationship that may assist them in realizing their growth strategy.

Buoyant Capital works through a global network of expert affiliates to complete a full set of services to accomplish the growth strategy. A consortium of accredited investors and experienced peer advisors participates in each deal as they are structured and provide unique points of view that help both the company and the investor group to target the best course of growth in the respective markets.

Our belief is that by supporting entrepreneurs we can help foster the next generation of innovation and global economic development. To that end we created a re-investment program to support early stage companies which leverages our extensive experience in new venture creation.